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Artificial intelligence to mark fake news

A new AI tool can help social media networks and news organizations eliminate false reports. Developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo, the tool uses deep learning's artificial intelligence algorithms to determine whether content mentioned in a post or news is supported by other posts and stories on the same topic.

Alexander Wang, a professor of systems design engineering at the University of Waterloo, said that If the news is supported by other news, then it is good, this should be a true news. But if most other materials do not support this news, then Obviously, this is fake news. 

Researchers develop this tool because a large number of online posts and news are made up to deceive or mislead readers, usually for political or economic benefits. Researchers have worked hard to develop a fully automated technology that can detect fake news by achieving 90% accuracy in a key research area called posture detection.

If there is a claim in a news or story, the system can collect and compare other news or stories on the same topic, and the system can correctly determine whether they support this claim, with an accuracy rate of about 90%.

As scientists around the world continue to work on building a fully automated system, the University of Waterloo's technology can be used as a screening tool by human fact checkers in social media and news organizations. One of the founding members of the Waterloo Institute of Artificial Intelligence said that This enhances the ability of human inspectors to help them flag information that does not seem to be suitable for verification and reduces their workload. The purpose of the system is not to replace people, It's helping them verify facts faster and more reliably. 

We need to give journalists the ability to tell the truth so we can learn more reliable information from them. This is done to reduce the spread of false information. A lot of work.

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