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Barcelona official: 70% of players' salary reductions have reached the agreement

Barcelona official: 70% of players' salary reductions have reached the agreement

On the evening of March 30, Beijing time, La Liga giants Barcelona officially announced that the board of directors of the club and all professional team players reached an agreement on a 70% salary reduction, of which the first-line football team cut salary more.

Barcelona negotiated with the players to reduce wages has become one of the focus topics of football. According to statistics, Barcelona's annual salary expenditure exceeds 500 million euros, accounting for more than 60% of the club's annual expenditure. Barcelona executives have previously made preliminary negotiations with players on pay cuts. However, the two sides have recently contradicted in discussing the salary cut, and the club players have refused to propose a 70% salary cut.

In response to the financial crisis in the epidemic, Atletico Madrid and the Spaniards announced that they had applied to the labor department for the adoption of the Temporary Employees Ordinance (ERTE) due to force majeure. Under such regulations, players, coaches and staff members will be temporarily classified as unemployed during the suspension period, while their salary will be reduced by 70%. This regulation is protected by law. After Barcelona players refused to cut their salary by 70%, the club is also considering adopting temporary employee regulations, but they are not willing to activate this clause.

After negotiations, Barcelona and the players have finally reached an agreement on a salary cut. Barcelona said in an official announcement that the club's board of directors has reached an agreement with all professional team players on salary cuts. During the emergency in Spain, all players will be cut by 70%. In addition, Barcelona's first-team football players will receive a larger pay cut in order to ensure that other club staff continue to lead the full salary. Barcelona hopes to cut salaries to help the club weather the financial crisis during the epidemic.

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