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Epidemic prevention strategy: community isolation

Epidemic prevention strategy: community isolation

"Social distancing" is a common word in public health. But the general public may not be familiar with it.

What is its specific meaning, and how can it be practically implemented?

Simply put, community segregation is a community strategy adopted by public health officials to isolate individuals from the spread of highly infectious viruses or diseases such as New Crown, Ebola and SARS. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines community isolation as "a place away from crowds, avoiding large gatherings, and keeping as far away as possible from others (about 6 feet / 2 meters)".

Many droplet-borne viruses, including new crowns, are able to stay in the air for several hours after a sneeze or cough occurs. So keeping the distance between people is the key. Until a widely available vaccine or drug is developed, controlling population movements is essential for outbreak control.

Because once momentum starts, it's hard to stop. So when the virus has not yet broken out, community isolation is a common response. It's like firefighters clearing large bushes to form a fire to control the spread of fire in the wild.

The goal of community isolation is to "flatten the curve", reduce the number of cases during the peak of the outbreak, and reduce the pressure on the already overwhelmed medical system.

Common community isolation measures are:

School suspension or delay, switch to online instruction

Cancel public events such as large meetings, weekly meetings and worship

If feasible, implement online work

Close Child Care Centre

Postpone or cancel sporting events, concerts or festivals

Public transportation may also be affected. It should be noted that if children do not go to school, it does not mean that they should play with their neighbors or read books in the public library (if it is still open). Control contact with people outside the home. The same goes for adults working from home. This is not a good time for a local coffee shop to open.

Past experience has proven that if implemented correctly, community quarantine measures can indeed have the desired effect on controlling the spread of the virus. The premise is that people can take it seriously.

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