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Family meals help a healthy diet

Family meals help a healthy diet

A meal is one of the best ways to get people together, especially for families with young children. A new study from the University of Delaware shows that eating together for the entire family can help families develop better eating habits, and it can also help parents and children have better connections.

This study is not entirely a new study, but a review of other peer research on family diets. Analysis shows that more frequent family meals will lead to more fruits and vegetables, leading to a more overall healthy diet. At the same time, family meals will also increase measures of family functions, such as family contact, communication with parents and so on.

The study's lead author, Dr. Shannon M. Robson, Assistant Professor of Behavioral Health and Nutrition, Delaware, said: "This study uses a comprehensive approach to explore the relationship between family meals and children's diet and family functioning Relationship.".

A meta-analysis showed that family meals had a slightly positive effect on sugary beverages such as soft drinks. However, for other unhealthy foods, such as snacks, fast foods, and desserts, this analysis is inconclusive.

David Ficks, the research sponsor and executive director of the Food Marketing Institute Foundation, said: "There are thousands of individual studies investigating the effects of family meals on nutrition and family behavior, but this new meta-analysis The focus is on the relationship between the frequency of family meals and the functional outcome of the family. "

The authors of the study finally set out the direction for further research. Although their research suggests that the frequency of family meals may improve communication and overall family functioning, they said that more research should be done to confirm this. In addition, more research can help determine the relationship between family meals and unhealthy food consumption.

Finally, researchers suggest that standardized home meals and related outcome measures should be developed to help clarify the results of studies on home meals.

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