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Love curse: current and former are often of the same type

Love curse: current and former are often of the same type

Let's start with a direct question to the soul: what is your ideal partner? amount. . . The existing conclusion is that people often look for humans who are "identical" to themselves as lovers. The same type here probably refers to similar personalities, similar preferences, similar foods, hate movie stars and so on.

Now, a study conducted by the University of Toronto shows that not only do people like to fall in love with people who are similar to themselves, but even if they fall in love, new lovers found again often belong to the same type as their ex. This is very verywasteIsn't romance romantic?

After people have ended a love relationship-the very bad relationship is discussed here-most of them will make up their minds ,Next time, you must find a completely different type of person,But Later facts proved that it was difficult for TAs to get rid of the type of their lovers, as if they had hit a certain love spell.

Dr. Yubin Parker of Toronto hosted the study and interviewed a total of 332 volunteers who had been in a relationship, investigating the personalities of their former and current partners. Partners are required to use a five-point scale to assess their compliance with short phrases that describe their personality, such as "I am modest and restrained", "I am easy to believe in people", "I am curious" .

Dr. Yubin said: "This is understandable: when an unpleasant relationship ends, people are fed up with their predecessors, so they decide to date someone with a completely different personality; but our research finds that, despite this, people end up I found a current incumbent who is similar in character to his predecessor. "

Through the analysis of the survey data, scientists have found that there are indeed very, very similar personality traits between the "current" and "predecessor" of many volunteers.

"The research is particularly rigorous and serious: we not only asked the volunteers themselves, what were the characteristics of their lovers, we also interviewed former and current individuals," said Dr. Youbin.

Professor Jeff McDonald, another psychology professor who participated in the study, said: "It can be found from this 'consistency in front-to-back relationships' that there may indeed be a 'fixed type of love'. These data don't explain why people choose people with similar personalities as partners, but one interesting thing is that we find that the similarity of personality between couples is higher than that of their predecessors and incumbents. "

All in all, this research can help people fall in love better. If you find that you have encountered the same problem with several lovers, then you can try to analyze it to see if there are the same personality in these lovers that cause the same problem, and then think about this personality Strategy for partners.

Making the most of the skills you learned in your last relationship can make your new relationship more secure, said Dr. Yubin, the love master.

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