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Men are more afraid of bugs than women

Men are more afraid of bugs than women

Fear of insects is one of the most common fears. In fact, most spiders, ants, beetles and other reptiles are harmless, but this does not stop millions of people from fear of these creatures. Normally, most people think that women are more likely to get crazy about seeing bugs than men, but a new survey of 2,000 Americans refutes this view.

Researchers found that 22% of female respondents said they were very afraid of bugs, while 32% of male respondents said they were also afraid of bugs. The study also surveyed participants' general knowledge of insects. Interestingly, six out of ten respondents said they were confident in their ability to identify insects. However, when they participated in the insect knowledge test, the results were not ideal: only 40% of people knew what the bugs looked like, and 51% did not even recognize fruit flies. At the same time, only 33% of people can distinguish wasps from bumblebees, and 24% even think that bumblebees are wasps.

Coming back to gender differences, 59% of male participants and 49% of female participants considered themselves "very knowledgeable" about bugs. When tested, more men did answer the question correctly. However, women (43%) are better at finding wood ants than men (39%). Male respondents (53%) were more able to spot ticks than female respondents (43%), but more women knew that cockroaches could lay more than 50 eggs at a time.

In a statement, entomologist Dr Josh Benoit of the University of Cincinnati said: "Under favorable conditions, some pests can reproduce highly. For example, German cockroaches can lay up to 60 eggs at a time. These eggs can be in the 90s. -Maturity within 110 days. High reproduction rates can make populations grow rapidly and become a huge problem. "

If one thing is clear from the survey, it is that many Americans overestimate their knowledge of insects. Incredibly, only 35% of respondents knew that bees and wasps are different insects. Ladybugs come in a variety of colors, but 49% of respondents mistakenly say they are red and black. Another 28% mistakenly believed that wasps died immediately after using stingers. Of all the respondents, 64% said they were afraid of bugs. When asked what terrible these little creatures were, 56% mentioned bug bites, and 44% were afraid that bugs would invade the bed while they were sleeping.

"Few people realize that indoor biomes are a specific habitat that only certain insects can tolerate. Indoor environments often have different temperatures and relative humidity than outdoor. Pests living in this area It has special adaptations to survive and reproduce in this particular environment. For example, cockroaches can tolerate longer without food and water because these resources are not easily available. "

So how do most respondents deal with pests in their homes? 55% said they would use insecticides, 44% would use mosquito bracelets, and 41% would always have a fly swatter around them. Although pesticide use seemed to be frequent, 56% of participants said they were concerned about the chemicals in the pesticide.

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