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Pneumonia epidemic: why China made new crown virus test box encounters quality questions in Europe

Pneumonia epidemic: why China made new crown virus test box encounters quality questions in Europe

As the new coronavirus epidemic has moved from China to Europe, China has changed from a consumer of epidemic prevention products to an exporting country. Many countries have ordered masks, rapid virus kits, etc. from China, but there are reports that some countries reflect the poor quality of anti-epidemic products produced in China. good.

The Czech Republic, Malaysia, and Spain have previously stated that the accuracy of virus kits purchased from China is lower than the manufacturer's claims. Among them, a Spanish research institute found that the country's kit purchased from a Shenzhen-based company called Yirui Bio has an accuracy of only 30%, which is far lower than the manufacturer's claimed 80%.

Regarding the case in Spain, Yirui Bio and Chinese officials have their own opinions. The company issued a statement pointing out that the Spanish side did not test the kit according to the manufacturer's instructions, so there was an error, and it has obtained the EU CE certification and can be supplied to the European market.

The Chinese ambassador to Spain said that Yirui's new pneumonia test kit had not been licensed for sale in China by the China National Drug Administration, but did not explain whether this meant that it could not be exported at the same time.

Cannot be sold in China

After the new crown pneumonia epidemic spread to Europe, many local countries successively ordered a large number of anti-epidemic materials from China. Europe also relaxed the EU CE certification standards for the registration of masks, protective clothing, virus kits and other anti-epidemic materials.

The relaxed regulations allow in addition to quarantine products that comply with the EU ’s uniform standards, some products that comply with WHO standards can also be sold on the European market.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has previously provided a list of virus test kit suppliers that have been approved by the China Food and Drug Administration. There are only more than 20 companies in the list, but China Caixin.com quoted industry sources earlier that 64 Chinese company sells virus test kits to Europe.

In other words, there are many Chinese companies that have obtained European sales licenses and have not been authorized to sell such test kits in China, such as Yirui Bio.

It is currently difficult to verify the overlap and relationship between Chinese and European certified brands from publicly available information.

Hong Kong's "South China Morning Post" quoted some company representatives who developed new pneumonia virus kits as saying that after the successful development of the kits during the Spring Festival, they did not apply to the China Food and Drug Administration for listing in mainland China, but went directly to foreign countries to obtain marketing authorization because It takes too much time to apply to the China Food and Drug Administration, and the epidemic situation may have passed in China after successful approval.

Unqualified materials

In addition to the kit, the Netherlands announced that it would return a batch of masks purchased from China because they could not fit close to the face of local medical staff, and the effectiveness of protection was questionable.

Chinese officials also donated related materials directly or indirectly to some countries, and some of them also encountered quality problems.

The Philippines also previously criticized the accuracy of the virus test kits donated by China, but local health officials later clarified that these misaligned kits were donated by private companies. There is no problem with the official test kit provided by China, which "conforms to WHO standards".

China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying pointed out that China's sale of medical supplies is to fight the epidemic in other countries, and hopes that this issue will not be interpreted politically. She also said that in the early stage of the epidemic, China also received some substandard materials from foreign countries.

Chinese official media Global Times quoted news that the virus kits need to be refrigerated during transport, but after some countries purchase kits from China, the transport companies used cannot properly freeze the kits during transport. These factors may affect The kit is in accuracy.

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