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Those bad beauty tips online

Those bad beauty tips online

We often see some "experts" endorsing beauty advice on the Internet, and many girls easily feel good about this information. However, many of these so-called beauty tips are effective. Here we find a few beauty tips and tricks we think are the worst.

  •  Daily exfoliation

Every day exfoliation will cause your skin to lose its natural oils and cause irritation before the surface skin is completely healed. Instead, we recommend exfoliating normal skin two to three times a week, and exfoliating sensitive skin once a week.

  •  Daily makeup is not good for your skin

In fact, there is nothing wrong with daily makeup. As long as you are diligent in skin care during this process, there will be no problems. As long as we do the following: keep our makeup brushes clean, use products that suit your skin type, and most importantly, make sure to remove makeup daily.

  •  Just need sun protection during the day

If you don't think you will be harmed by the sun in the rain, then you are wrong. You should apply sunscreen every day regardless of the season or weather. Ultraviolet rays are the culprit of sun damage and skin cancer. They are not affected by hot and cold weather, nor are they blocked by clouds.

  •  Pinch face

Since the 19th century, some women will pinch their cheeks to obtain the effect of blush. But we must say that continuing to do so will cause blood vessels and capillaries to rupture and not disappear.

  •  Poke acne with a safety pin

Never do this! To avoid infections and scars, leave it to professionals such as dermatologists. Never squeeze acne or pimples.

  •  Hair gel can be used as a cosmetic styling agent

Hair spray is great for preventing static electricity and preventing curls, but that's all. Spraying it on your face or directly on your skin is harmful to you. The harmful ingredients of hair spray will dry your skin and make you look older. Not to mention, it leaves behind a thick film.

  •  The higher the SPF value, the better the sun protection effect

SPF mainly refers to the ability of sunscreen to block ultraviolet B radiation. Although UVB rays may be the leading cause of non-melanoma skin cancer and sunburn, you also need to consider ultraviolet A radiation. Causes wrinkles and other signs of skin aging. Only "broad-spectrum" sunscreens can protect both types of skin at the same time. Therefore, a product with a high SPF value will give you a false sense of security.

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