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14 Terrifying truths about silent twins

14 Terrifying truths about silent twins

June and Jenifer Gibbons, known as the silent twins, have been a curious point since their weird stories made headlines in the newspapers in the 1980s and 1990s. Although the twins are usually quite close, June and Jenifer take their twins' bondage to a new level. The two girls were originally from Barbados, but later they went to Britain. They rarely talk to others and don't talk much to each other, because of the increasing frequency of violence they end up in psychiatric hospitals. The Brodmo Psychiatric Hospital where they are located is the highest security psychiatric hospital. After spending ten years in it, the two sisters calmly stated that Jenifer was willing to die in order to let June live a normal life. Soon, Jenifer went, and it seemed a bit strange.

The cause of Jenifer ’s death was found to be unexplained heart failure, and the fate of silent twins remains a mystery. Because of their violent relationship with each other, some people think that June and Jenifer's death are related, and some people think that Jenifer committed suicide in some unknown way. In 1986, British investigative reporter Marjorie Wallace released a true crime biography-"Silent Gemini", which detailed the bizarre and shocking relationship between the two sisters.

The diary revealed a kind of hatred killing
relationship between June and Jenifer has always been bad, the sisters seem to dislike each other and often record their relationship in the diary. June once wrote that her sister made her crazy and she was extremely afraid of Jenifer. On the other hand, the mood Jenifer wrote in her diary seemed to herald her final destiny. Jenifer said they had become the deadliest enemy in each other's eyes. She portrayed June as her shadow. She wrote that without my shadow, would I die? Without my shadow, I will get a new life, freedom or death.

They were sent to psychiatric hospitals because of the increasing violence in their homes. The
sisters became increasingly violent and elusive after graduation. They started drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana and often fighting each other, even trying to kill each other. June once threw Jenifer into the river to drown the other party, and Jenifer also tried to strangle June with a cable. This behavior eventually led to her being sent to a mental hospital. In 1981, June and Jenifer set fire to a store and caused a loss of $ 200,000. After that, they also destroyed the public property and tried to burn a college. Jenifer calmly predicted her own death. In March 1993, reporter Wallace went to the hospital to interview the two sisters. They were preparing to be transferred to another hospital with a lower alert level. In the interview, while drinking tea, Jenifer calmly said that in order to let June lead a normal life, she decided to take a step first. During the transfer, Jenifer was sleeping without eyes closed all the way. When they reached their destination, she didn't respond and was declared dead. She died of heart inflammation, but the cause of the inflammation could not be confirmed. In addition, Jenifer was in good health and had no drugs or alcohol.

Their mysterious language isolates them from each other.
They speak English very fast and do synchronized body movements (refer to the two twin brothers of Ron in Harry Potter). After the death of Jenifer, June said frankly, although at first it was regarded as A game, but this lasted a long time. The two sisters also felt that this mysterious language made them unable to extricate themselves and alienated each other. June wrote in a diary that we suppress each other, she has a killing intention in her eyes, my god, I am afraid of her, she is not normal, she has schizophrenia, someone is driving her crazy, and that person is me . Wallace said that the diaries of the two sisters revealed that they felt crazy and tortured in the intimate relationship.

They wrote very pathological novels.
Both sisters were small writers, but later people thought that the content of their novels was uncomfortable. June wrote a novel called Pepsi Addiction. The male lead of the novel was sent to teachers and students. A new school was transformed, and was then obscene by the school police of the new school. Jenifer wrote a novel called Bongdie Mania, which is full of violent stories in the disco. Both sisters fantasize about being famous by their works. In 1982, June also published her novel through a small publisher.
After they were separated, they became patients with tension psychosis.
At the age of 14, the parents and teachers of the two sisters worried about their growth and decided to separate them to encourage them to socialize. However, the opposite was true. The twin sisters became tension psychosis. Patients until they get back together. After the reunion, the two sisters returned to being with each other most of the time.

Jenifer is very jealous of June.
Although the birth time of the two sisters is only 10 minutes apart, Jenifer still has to treat June as the elder sister. According to June, Jenifer is very jealous of her. Perhaps the fact that Jenifer is a little sister led to the decision that Jenifer must be the victim.

Their performance during the interview was very weird.
When Wallace came to the hospital for an interview, the two sisters had to be carried into the interview room by the guard. Wallace said they were carried by the guard on their shoulders like a coffin or a wooden board. When they sat down, they looked at the floor to avoid eye contact, and they only looked up when Wallace asked about the work of the two sisters. Because the story of the two did make her curious, she insisted on doing this interview. At such a young age, she was sent to the highest alert mental hospital, Wallace said, it was like condemning a girl to live with rapists and murderers. same. Although the sisters were initially cautious about W, they eventually became friends with Wallace.

June said she heard Jenifer's last words.
June said that Jenifer leaned her head on her shoulder when she was about to leave. Jenifer said at the time that we were finally relieved. If this is Jenifer's last words, her death was intentional. Wallace said that they were 29 years old at the time, and there was an agreement that Jenifer had to sacrifice because they said that the day they left Brodmore Mental Hospital, one of them had to give up his life to make the other truly free.

When the two sisters walked fully synchronized
when they were young , when they were 11 years old, the two sisters started to walk completely synchronized. When they walked on the street, their steps were completely synchronized, but if someone watched them, they would stay motionless until the passers-by turned their attention.

The two sisters were bullied by racially discriminatory
students in school. They have been ruthlessly teased throughout the primary and secondary schools, which may partially increase their isolation. The town of Haverfordwest is basically white, and the sisters are often teased about their ethnicity. Even the teacher allowed them to leave school five minutes early to avoid crime.

Hiding in the room after graduation,
at the age of 16, Jenifer went to the special education school June and was discharged from a youth assistance hospital. After almost two years of separation, the sisters reunited. When they returned to their families, they became more and more lonely. Shutting herself in a shared room, the mother often had to push letters from the ground floor and put meals outside the room. During this time, they focused on writing, family members heard speech, laughter and occasional fighting. But they rarely saw her two, and sometimes she would leave a note for her parents.

After June ’s
departure of Jenifer ’s tombstone poem Jenifer, June was heartbroken. She expressed sadness and bereavement through a poem: You and I were two people, we became one person, you and I are no longer two people, Use life to become one and rest in peace. The poem is carved on the tombstone of Jenifer. Although a later autopsy determined that Jenifer died of natural death, many people, including Wallace, still thought it was a bizarre event.

After the death of Jenifer, June ’s social situation improved. After June ’s
departure, June began to have a more normal social relationship with people. In 1994, she was allowed to be discharged from the hospital, and the community accepted her. Although she rarely went out, she was able to be independent Women live a much more normal life. She goes to Jenifer's grave every week to mourn and continue to take the medicine prescribed by the doctor to treat schizophrenia.

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