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Caffeine doesn't boost creativity

Caffeine doesn't boost creativity

What would happen to many of us without caffeine? May be still sleeping. Every morning, a cup of hot coffee is essential for millions of people. In addition to serving as breakfast drinks, many people turn to coffee or other forms of caffeine when they have something important to do. Researchers at the University of Arkansas investigated the beneficial role of caffeine in certain tasks and came to the conclusion that caffeine is more beneficial in solving specific problems than creative problems.

The lead author of the study, Dalia Zabelina, an assistant professor of psychology, commented: "In Western culture, caffeine is rigidly associated with creative occupations or lifestyles, such as writers with their coffee , Programmers, and their energy drinks, but these stereotypes are not true. "

As we all know, caffeine helps to refresh and enhances our alertness and athletic ability, but we know very little about the impact of caffeine on creativity.

In this study, the ability to solve specific problems is called convergent thinking, and the ability to solve creative problems is called divergent thinking. More specifically, convergent thinking is defined as finding an accurate, indisputable and correct answer to a problem, just like solving a mathematical equation. On the other hand, divergent thinking focuses on unique or novel ways to think about problems.

This study showed that a person's convergent thinking improved significantly after taking caffeine, but the divergent thinking did not improve.

A total of 80 volunteers participated in the study. Everyone randomly took 200 mg of caffeine pills (equivalent to a cup of espresso) or a placebo, and then they all participated in a series of tasks to measure astringent thinking, divergent thinking, working memory, and mood.

In addition to the findings about creativity in the study, the researchers found that caffeine did not help improve participants' working memory. However, participants reported feeling less sad.

Zabelina concludes: "200mg of caffeine can significantly improve your ability to solve specific problems, but it has no effect on creative thinking. But they also do not make the situation worse, so rest assured that you drink coffee; it does Capacity has no effect. "

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