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Interesting beer eye effect

Interesting beer eye effect

This year's Valentine's Day, psychologists from Bien Shan University explored the "beer eye effect" (that is, after drinking, it looks like you are wearing a pair of glasses, and you will feel that the other person is more sexy and charming when looking at people) The scientific principle of the study states that this phenomenon makes sense when considering the attractiveness of potential suitors.

Dr. Rebecca Munch and Professor Derek Heim conducted a computer-based study at a bar near Edge Hill University's Olmske campus, asking participants to ignore a series of photos of pretty and unpretty faces While responding to stimuli.

The results of this study, published this week in Addictive Behavioral Psychology, show that while lucid participants are more likely to be distracted by beautiful faces, those who are drunk will be both by those who are beautiful and those who are not. The face is distracting.

Dr. Munch, the study's lead author, said: "Previous research on the phenomenon of beer eyes has been inconsistent and largely limited to directly asking people's intuitive feelings. By indirectly measuring attention, our study was able to Overcoming some limitations. We know that beautiful faces can divert people's attention from the job at hand. But our research shows that alcohol has the ability to reduce this effect and balance the competitive environment. "

More than 120 participants, whether sober or drunk, were asked to indicate on the laptop whether the letter "T" was correct or upside down, while being told to ignore a series of faces that were simultaneously displayed on the screen.

Professor Derek Heim added: "Most people have heard of the beer-eye effect, and our study adds evidence to the truth of this rumor. It is worth noting that in our study, participants were only light Being drunk is a sign that people don't need to drink too much alcohol to 'wear beer glasses.'

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