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Interesting Psycological Fact,Bird cage logic

Bird cage logic

                        Hang a gorgeous bird cage the foremost prominent place within the room. Within a couple of days, the owner will certainly make one among two choices: throw the bird cage away, or buy a bird and put it back within the bird cage. This is the birdcage logic. 
                       The process is very simple. Imagine that you are the owner of this room. As long as someone walks into the room and sees the birdcage, they can't help but ask you, "Where is the bird? Is it dead?" 

When you answer: "I never I ’ve raised birds. People ask, So, what does one want for a bird cage?

In the end you have to choose one of two options, because it is much easier than endless explanation. The reason for birdcage logic is simple: Most of the time people adopt inertial thinking. So it is obvious how important it is to cultivate logical thinking in life and work.

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