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NASA releases first concept map of X-57 electric aircraft

NASA releases first concept map of X-57 electric aircraft

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) released its first conceptual art picture, showing its fully electric X-plane named X-57 Maxwell. The rendering shows the plane outside the hangar at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center. The research center is located at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

Traditionally, X-type aircraft or experimental aircraft are responsible for breaking certain restrictions in the aviation field. The first supersonic aircraft was the X-type aircraft. The X-57 Maxwell is the first unmanned X aircraft in more than 20 years. The rendering shows the final fully electric configuration of this aircraft, Mod IV.

This configuration uses thin, high-profile wings to increase efficiency and reduce flight resistance. The aircraft is also equipped with an electric cruise motor, and the wing tips are equipped with propellers with a diameter of 5 feet in order to recover the energy lost to the wing tip vortex. There are 12 smaller high-lift motors and propellers on the wings between these larger wingtip motors.

These additional electric motors enable the X-57 to take off at standard speed. These motors are activated only during takeoff, and are disabled in cruise mode. When smaller motors are deactivated, their propeller blades fold into the nacelle to reduce drag

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