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Research Says Personal Care is a Good Depression and Anxiety Fighter!

Research Says Personal Care is a Good Depression and Anxiety Fighter!

Beauty is a topic that has been popular throughout history. However, with the influence of recent social media tools, this issue has improved a lot. Everyone talks about their beauty routine, trying to improve it. In this environment, there may be negative judgments about people who are fond of makeup and personal care. However, according to scientific research, the situation is quite the opposite
Many women agree that personal care and makeup feel good.
Now there is a scientific study on this subject.

The personal care activities we bring into our daily routine reveal cognitive benefits in our brain.

The concept that psychologist Mike Dow has called "treating thoughts" in his book "Treating a Damaged Brain"; says it affects the brain in a neurological process associated with depression and anxiety disorder. He states that daily habits such as skin care and make-up are very successful measures as the key to removing these thoughts from the roots in this process. Scientist Dow, who says that our brain activities are circles in a circle rather than linear arrows, says that such repetitive activities will keep the brain away from pitiful thoughts.

In addition to protection, it is also a suitable choice for treatment.
In addition to protection, it is also a suitable choice for treatment.
Dr. Dow; He states that personal care activities that protect our brains from such thoughts are also effective in getting damaged brains back to the desired point.

This routine must be completed correctly, with professional support.

The fact that an individual who fights anxiety and depression gets professional support and treatment is shown as the first and most crucial step. Of course, it is not possible to get rid of these problems with personal care at once, but trying this way as a supportive method will be very effective.

Personal care also has a direct effect on hormonal balance.

Makeup and skin care application causes the neurochemicals in the brain to be triggered at every touch, which in this case becomes the oxytocin hormone. Therefore, when you engage in any hygiene activity, you feel that you have started a therapy that will soothe your soul.

You should focus on the calming effect of care.

In the researches, it has been observed that the women interested in him have calmed down. Looking at the results of the effects in the observations, the same activities that existed in the brain during meditation were encountered. Therefore, in cases of depression and anxiety, it can be said that the meditation suggestions of doctors come to the same door with personal care.

The relationship of makeup with self-confidence should not be forgotten.

It is possible to encounter personality disorders in case of depression. Especially the problem of self-confidence in the society is one of the biggest dilemmas experienced by depressed individuals. It is a fact that women who make up will struggle with their psychological problems with a better condition about self-confidence.

Personal care is not a holistic treatment, but a big part of it.
If you feel a problem, giving yourself to makeup and skin care may not be the solution to everything. If you want to get rid of these problems in the fastest way, the first thing you need to do is get professional support. Then you have to deal with something you love, and also treat yourself with personal care.

Being physically good to yourself will also be emotionally good.
You are the only person who expects you during care and make-up, and you do everything you do for yourself. This is very important in combating anxiety disorder and depression.

Take care of yourselves!

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