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Singing to the man who almost landed on the moon, Michael collins

Singing to the man who almost landed on the moon, Michael collins

Neil Armstrong was the primary person to steer on the moon. Buzz Aldrin soon followed him to the surface of the moon. What about Michael Collins? Well, he stayed behind, in lunar orbit. A person.

For 50 years, the media has portrayed him as a lone astronaut. The emphasis emphasized by the press is, 'I'm not the loneliest person within the entire lonely world around a lonely thing on a lonely track? Last year, he recalled a replacement York City adventure club event .

Collins insists he is not alone. After being squeezed into a small command pod with Armstrong and Aldrin for a few days, Collins tracked their activities on the surface of the moon and enjoyed this lonely time.

But what happened in those 21 hours? When two Collins colleagues made history on the surface, what was he thinking?

American musician Matt Sharp, co-founder of the Weezer band, began to doubt this when reading Collins' Memoirs Flying to the Moon. That experience led him to write a song about Collins.

When friends inquire from me if I even have read something good recently, i will be able to tell them that I examine Michael Collins' extraordinary life, and whoever I ask , they will ask that Who is Michael Collins? Then, when I previewed the early arrangements for this song for my friends, I would tell them that the lyrics were sung from Michael's perspective, and they would always ask me an equivalent question that Who is Michael Collins?

Most people in the United States may ask the same question, because Collins has neither the fame of Armstrong (another first person in the world) nor the reputation of Aldrin-he lives a colorful public life . Collins has always been the figure behind the scenes, a calm, elegant, rational person.

Now, Sharp's band Rentals has released a song about Collins called "The Forgotten Astronaut". I'm not a music critic, but the melody and lyrics of this song seem to be full of longing, which fits the moment of this man and his spacecraft on the moon:

  •  They bounce on the calm sea
  •  300 million girls watch TV
  •  Oh, I know, all I know is jealousy
  •  But I can feel what I feel, and I feel endlessly

Collins did have a chance to walk on the moon, but he did not do so. In his autobiography, Chief Astronaut Dix Leiden wrote to Collins that he even designated him as reserve commander of Apollo 14 even before the first moon landing. This will make Collins the candidate to command Apollo 17.

Slaton wrote in Dirk:
I came up with the idea on Flight T-38 to Cape Town with him! He thanked me for the offer, but said that if Apollo 11 progress Well, he wants to withdraw from the career of astronauts. He is tired of the job.

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