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Survey says More than half of children have school stress and life satisfaction reaches new low for 3 years

Survey says  More than half of children have school stress and life satisfaction reaches new low for 3 years

Children's Day is approaching. The Children's Welfare Alliance today announced the 2019 Children's Welfare Survey Report. It found that more than half of Taiwanese children have academic pressure, 36% do not like going to school, and their average subjective life satisfaction score is 74.6 points, a record low in nearly three years. .

From May 21 to June 30 last year, the Children's Welfare Alliance asked students in grades five, six, and seven and eight of elementary school to assist in completing the questionnaire by stratified cluster random sampling. A total of 1687 valid questionnaires were recovered, with a recovery rate of 84.7%. With 95% confidence level, the error does not exceed plus or minus 2.47 percentage points.

According to the 2019 Child Welfare Survey report released by the Children's Welfare Alliance, the subjective life satisfaction of schoolchildren in Taiwan reached a new low of nearly three years, with an average score of 74.6 points, 1.2 points lower than 2018, and 4.6 points lower than 2017. 78.8 points and 69.7 points in the junior high school.

The survey also showed that the percentage of school-age children in Taiwan using computers and the Internet or watching TV for more than 2 hours per day was 50.4%, and the rate of eating sweets once or more rose from 43% to 46.2%. In terms of schoolwork, 36.1% did not like school. The proportion of students who like to go to school has continued to decline, only 10.9%, and 50% of the students think that schoolwork pressure is high (50.3%).

In addition, according to the survey, 10% of children in 2019 said they had been bullied at school by their classmates in the past six months, of which nearly 60% said they did not know what to do when they were bullied, and nearly 40% said they had difficulty making friends at school.

Huang Yunxuan, the executive secretary of the Children's Welfare Alliance, said that the younger the children are, the less they will be affirmed and accepted in their lives, the poorer the time and quality of their parents, and the greater the pressure on their peers in school, the lower their life satisfaction will be.

Huang Yunxuan appealed that schools should provide sufficient resources to strengthen teachers to build a friendly class atmosphere, provide counseling mechanisms for bully victims and avoid labeling. Parents should also pay more attention to their children's living conditions, and talk or discuss with their children more and less important Cultivate the habit of expressing opinions and self-confidence. As for relieving students' academic pressure and allowing children to gain self-confidence and diverse development from different life experiences, it is also an issue that society must think and face together.

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