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Survey shows more than half of adults feel lonely

Survey shows more than half of adults feel lonely

If the uncle makes you lonely and uncomfortable at home, then don't be sad, not because you have this feeling alone, foreigners do the same.

Recently, the Royal Society of Horticulture (RHS) commissioned the universal OnePoll company to conduct a survey on "loneliness". The survey interviewed 2,000 British adults and found that more than half of them feel lonely-and make us lonely The reason is different. These people are "too busy" or "too shy" to be able to interact with people.

The survey found that adults feel lonely three times a week on average; one in ten is lonely at least once a day.

 The most worrying thing is that half of adults feel that way, and people of all ages suffer from loneliness; young people who have the internet lack face-to-face contact, said Sue Biggs, director of the Royal Horticultural Society. Communication. Older people who do n’t use the Internet suffer the pain of being alone. 

Among the respondents, 28% said that they "do not have enough time" for social activities, and 33% said that it was difficult for them to find friends with similar smells; more than 36% said that they did not have friends because they were "too shy" Some people say that the reason for making themselves lonely is "the network and money": For example, 20% of people said that all their emails were processed online without contact, and 30% admitted that they were lonely It is because of lack of money.

It's clear that young people are more likely to feel lonely: This study found that the average age of the "most lonely" adult in the UK is 37, and one in five respondents said they were the most lonely in their 20s. Of the 18 to 24 year olds, 68% feel lonely from time to time. They believe that today's digital life leads to all this: more than a third of young people say that they communicate with others mainly through social networks .

In contrast, respondents over 55 are better off, with only 41% saying they have a sense of loneliness. Unlike young people, most people in this age group communicate face to face.

Up to 64% of people said that they would still feel lonely even if they had many friends and interpersonal relationships on weekdays: more than half of the respondents said that they now feel more lonely than five years ago. Similarly, 60% of people said that as they get older, they will feel lonely because of the death of friends and family, moving, etc. . In addition, 44% said they were "afraid to live alone" with TT.

In order to drive away loneliness, many respondents have tried various solutions: 59% of people have joined a certain interest group, and joining community groups can enhance their sense of participation; 40% of people will try to cultivate some new interests, such as 39% of people start planting and gardening. More than half of the respondents said that planting makes them happy, and 53% feel that plants can improve their mood.

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