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Taiwan's country name troubles: Taiwan does good, China is grateful

Taiwan's country name troubles: Taiwan does good, China is grateful

In international exchanges, there are frequent misunderstandings or confusion between the two names of Taiwan and China, which makes many Taiwanese angry. The outbreak of the New Coronavirus epidemic made Taiwanese people once again notice this problem.

Reuters reported on Wednesday (April 1) that a debate over whether the word "China" needs to be removed from the country name "Republic of China" is starting in Taiwan.

The latest example mentioned in the report is that the World Health Organization included Taiwan in the name of China during the new coronary pneumonia epidemic based on the concept that Taiwan is part of China. Beijing has always declared its right to speak on behalf of Taiwan on the international stage, including on health issues.

Taiwan pointed out that this confusion has made the epidemic situation much less severe than that of mainland China. Taiwan has been subject to the same travel restrictions as mainland China, and it has also affected international attention to the effectiveness of Taiwan ’s epidemic prevention and control.

Reuters said that for many years, Taiwan has been discussing its own position and what is the relationship between Taiwan and China, including the name of Taiwan. The virus pandemic has brought this issue back to people's perspective.

Taiwan ’s Democratic Progressive Party ’s legislator Lin Yijin proposed in the Legislative Yuan last month that Taiwan ’s English name should be changed from “Republic of China” to “Republic of Chunghwa”. Su Zhenchang, the president of the Executive Yuan, responded that "Taiwan is more famous". If it really needs to be changed, it should be changed to "Republic of Taiwan.

According to the Taiwan Freedom Times, Su Zhenchang also said that Taiwan has built many buildings for many countries in Africa, and local children sing and dance because they cannot distinguish between Taiwan and China, shouting "China" and "China". He said that this is nothing but human relations.

According to an English news report in Taiwan, a poll released by the Taiwanese Times Force Party on Monday found that 73.4% of the respondents favored replacing the word Republic of China on the Taiwan passport with Taiwa to avoid confusion with Communist China.

In this survey, 51.2% strongly supported this approach.

The survey was conducted from March 23 to 24, and the number of people surveyed through effective sampling was 1085.

However, Reuters said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan is cautious about the proposal to change the country name on the passport. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that the name of the Republic of China was written into the Constitution, and that the word Taiwan was added to the passport in 2003.

Taiwan ’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Ou Jiang’an said that if Taiwan ’s government and opposition reach consensus in the future, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will coordinate and resolve this issue.

However, the Taiwanese government is cautious about changing the country's name, saying that there is currently no consensus on Taiwan Island to take such radical actions.

A Reuters report said that although the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party supports Taiwan ’s independence, President Tsai Ing-wen said that he is not in a hurry to succeed on this matter. Tsai Ing-wen believes that Taiwan is already an independent country, and its name is called the Republic of China

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