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Taking advantage of the epidemic, thieves stole Van Gogh's famous paintings

Taking advantage of the epidemic, thieves stole Van Gogh's famous paintings

The thieves took advantage of the current public health situation and stole Vincent Van Gogh's famous paintings from a museum in the Netherlands. Under the cover of night, the robbers aimed at the Singer Laren museum in eastern Amsterdam. The stolen painting is used as "Spring Garden" . Due to the outbreak, the museum was closed two weeks ago.

"I'm very angry about what happened," Jan Rudolph de Lorm, the museum's director, told a news conference on Monday.This may be a huge blow, especially at this point .

Early Monday morning, about 3:15 AM. The thief broke a large glass door in front of the museum and entered the building. According to a local government statement, police rushed to the scene after the alarm was triggered, but the perpetrators have disappeared. The day of the incident happened to be Van Gogh's 167th birthday.

What's more serious, the painting does not even belong to a museum, according to police, it was borrowed from the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands. It is the only Van Gogh painting in the Groningen Museum. Van Gogh lived in Neunen, where his father was a priest from 1883 to 1885, and painted the ruins of the rural church outside the window with a paintbrush.

"The Groningen Museum is shocked by the news," the museum said during a statement.

The police have launched a criminal investigation, while analyzing the video, soliciting clues from nearby residents. They issued a broader call for images captured by other nearby cameras. The Laren area is one of the wealthiest towns in the Netherlands.

It is unclear whether there are other thefts in Singularen's 3,000 collections. The museum was established in 1954 by Anna Singer, widow of American painter William Singer, to preserve and display their couple's collections. These include works by Dutch artists Jan Toorop, Chris Beekman and Herman Kruyder.

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