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Top immunity strengthening yoga exercises

Top immunity strengthening yoga exercises

We explain the rules for performing three asanas that will improve your nervous and immune systems
Non-standard situations require non-standard solutions. How to strengthen the immune system  in quarantine, when they are not advised to leave the house, and in pharmacies the range is limited? The answer is simple: with the help of yoga! This universal remedy is suitable for relieving stress, which helps to reduce the protective properties of the body, and for activating vital processes in our body, and for raising the mood, which is also important now. We present you three asanas (yoga poses) that help strengthen the nervous and immune systems, which even a novice can do at home.

1. Circular body movements - Sufi Grind

In the intestines are 70% of the cells of the immune system that protect us from infections. Due to the circular movements of the body from yoga-kundalini, a positive effect is exerted on the internal organs of the abdomen and digestion processes.

To perform the Sufi Grind movements, you should:

Sit in a convenient version of the lotus position, straighten your back, relax your shoulders and put your hands on your knees;

On inspiration, it is necessary to make a circular motion of the body forward, and on the exhale - back;

It is important that the rotations come from the thoracic part of the body, and the head and pelvis remain as if in the middle;

Every two minutes you need to change the direction of circular movements, and the rhythm of rotation should coincide with the frequency of relaxed breathing.

2. Adho mukha schwanasana or dog pose face down 

One of the most famous and useful asanas in many areas of yoga. To properly perform this asana, it is important:

To begin, kneel, lower your palms to the floor and place them under the shoulder joints.

Having straightened your arms and spread your fingers wide (the index fingers should be directed forward and parallel to each other), palms should be pressed to the floor, the stomach should be pulled up and, without changing the position of the pelvis, push it up. The emphasis in this case should fall on the support points of the palm, and not on the wrists.

In the dog’s pose, face down, shoulders should be removed from the ears, and the head should be relaxed and slowly moved with it, as if to say: “yes, yes, yes, no, no, no ...”. 

Heels should reach for the floor, but the main thing is to keep your back straight. To do this, you can slightly bend the knees and alternately straighten one leg or the other, inhaling and exhaling calmly.

10 inspirations and exhalations will allow you to enjoy this pose, involving at the same time various muscle groups and calming the nervous system. After all, a permanent state of stress and tension makes the body spend non-stop energy and weakens the immune system.

3. Badha Konasana - butterfly pose

Lymph nodes cleanse the lymph and thereby protect the body from pathogens. The largest number of lymph nodes is in the axillary and inguinal zones, so postures that stimulate these parts of the body help the body prevent diseases.

To complete the butterfly pose:

Sit on the floor and straighten your back;

Bending the knees, bring the feet together, clasping their hands;

Gently pushing your knees with your elbows, on the exhale you need to tilt the body forward;

For 10 breaths, try to keep your back straight and your head relaxed.
It has been proven that those who regularly practice yoga are less likely to get a cold. However, it is important to remember that to perform these poses or other physical exercises is only in preventive measures when you are healthy. And certainly you should not treat asanas as the only means of combating viruses.

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