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What lessons does the Spanish flu leave to the world?

What lessons does the Spanish flu leave to the world?

The global new coronavirus epidemic is being compared to the deadly Spanish flu epidemic that occurred in 1918. Before the New Corona virus broke out globally earlier this year, the New York City Museum launched an exhibition devoted to the terrible events that occurred in the 1918 pandemic.
A few months ago, Sarah Henry, chief curator of the New York City Museum, was preparing an exhibition that introduced the deadly Spanish flu of 1918.

Today, with New York City becoming the center of the new coronavirus epidemic in the United States, that history has become a reality faced by Henry.

Henry said that I think we look back at history to see how the past has responded and see if we can learn from it. But always be cautious, because sometimes the lessons learned from one disease are applied to another Time, the effect is not ideal. 

According to various estimates, the 1918 influenza pandemic killed 20 to 100 million people worldwide, more than the number of war deaths.

In the United States, the first wave of the so-called "Spanish flu" began with American soldiers who returned from Europe before the end of World War I.

A ship docked in New York in the summer of 1918 brought back the first infected. Because the war was not over at the time, New York City decided to keep the dock open and isolate patients in a dry zone.

Henry said that At that point there was a heated debate about whether to shut the varsity . We have just ended the same debate here, just now, the school in New York City has just closed. And in 1918, the decision was not to close the school. Because they I think many students will be safer in school because the hygiene conditions in the school are better, and of course they also consider the situation in the neighborhood. 

At that time, the theater in New York was always open.

A hundred years ago, there was no radio or television, including the web . The theater is employed to assist disseminate information, including self-care lectures. Interestingly, the deathrate in ny was less than many other cities within the us .

Historians believe this was because the authorities closed the subway soon after they realized the danger of the subway opening.

Henry said that We are listening to the height hours within the morning and evening, and are considering the way to reduce the amount of individuals within the subway. So this is often a mixture of coercive measures and voluntary cooperation. They work together with different industries and plan to allow different types of enterprises to open doors at different times. . 

The difference between the new coronavirus and therefore the Spanish flu is that the 1918 flu is more dangerous for young and healthy adults, especially those working within the industry . Those who need to wear masks are going to be fined and face serious consequences.

Henry said that They authorize the police to issue fines and basically count as mere sneezing or coughing without covering your mouth as a light-weight crime.

At that time, the number of patients in New York City's hospitals was so overwhelming that about 30,000 of the 5 million people in New York City died. New York took two and a half months to finally control the virus outbreak.

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