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WHO Director-General Tan Desai: Too soon to lift the restrictions to contain the new crown epidemic may make the virus come back

WHO Director-General Tan Desai: Too soon to lift the restrictions to contain the new crown epidemic may make the virus come back

Tan Desai met with the reporter together with IMF President Georgieva.

In his speech, Tan Desai called on all countries to ensure that core public health measures are fully funded, including case investigations, testing, contact tracking, data collection, and communication and advocacy activities. He called on all countries and partners to strengthen the foundation of the health system, ensure that health workers can get paid, and ensure that health facilities have a reliable source of funds to purchase basic medical supplies.

He also called on all countries to remove financial barriers to the implementation of health care. He said that if people postpone or give up treatment because they cannot afford it, they will not only hurt themselves, but also make the epidemic more difficult to control and put society at risk.

He said several countries are suspending the payment of user fees related to the new coronavirus and providing related free testing and care, regardless of insurance, citizenship or residence status.

Tan Desai said that WHO encourages these measures. He pointed out that the new crown epidemic is an unprecedented crisis and needs to be dealt with in an unprecedented way. Measures should be taken to compensate the provider for the loss of revenue to support the suspension of user charges.

He said the government should also consider providing cash transfers to the most vulnerable families to provide their accessibility, which is especially important for refugees, internally displaced persons, immigrants and homeless people.
Domestic violence during the outbreak
Tan Desai said that since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, some countries have reported an increase in domestic violence. As people are required to stay at home, the risk of intimate partner violence may increase. Women in an abusive relationship are more likely to be subjected to violence, as are their children, because family members stay in close contact for more time, and families are exposed to additional stress and potential economic losses or loss of job opportunities.

Tan Desai called on all countries to take domestic violence service as a basic service and implement it in response to the new crown epidemic.

Response Action Fund
Tan Desai said that two months ago, WHO issued a strategic preparation and response plan, requiring $ 675 million in initial funding to support the response. Already pledged or received nearly 690 million US dollars. Among them, US $ 300 million has been used to support the work of WHO, and the remaining funds have been provided bilaterally or to other organizations involved in the response.

Tan Desai also revealed that the WHO Solidarity Response Fund has now raised $ 127 million from more than 219,000 individuals and organizations. He especially thanked Tencent for donating US $ 10 million.

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