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After three weeks, Kim Jong Un appeared again

After three weeks, Kim Jong Un appeared again

North Korea ’s leader Kim Jong Un reappeared publicly again three weeks after the second divine hideout in various rumors about his health problems.

On Sunday, North Korean state-run media reported that Kim Jong Un hosted a meeting to discuss strengthening North Korea's "nuclear war deterrence" and other issues.

The screen showed Kim Jong-un signing the document, giving a speech, and pointing to a TV screen. The picture on the TV screen was blurred by the news censorship authorities.

These pictures released by the official Korean Central News Agency did not show obvious signs of new health problems for Kim Jong-un.

This is the first public appearance of Kim Jong Un since May 1. At that time he attended the ribbon cutting ceremony of a fertilizer plant. Before that, he disappeared from the state-run media for three weeks.

In April of this year, there was a rumor that Kim Jong-un had serious health problems and had a heart operation. There are also reports that he is dead.

Since the beginning of this year, Kim Jong-un has disappeared from public view three times for three weeks. The North Korean authorities did not explain the reason why Kim Jong-un disappeared.

In some ways, Kim Jong-un's approach to reducing public appearances is similar to that of leaders in many countries. Some experts speculate that Kim Jong Un may have reduced public appearances during the epidemic to avoid additional alert health risks.

But North Korea has repeatedly stated that North Korea does not have the problem of new coronavirus infection. This statement has been widely questioned.

In the latest appearance of Kim Jong-un released by the Korea Central News Agency, neither Kim Jong-un nor the North Korean military leader who participated in the expanded meeting of the Central Military Committee of the Workers ’Party of Korea wore masks.

The Korean Central News Agency reported that at this meeting, the North Korean leader "proposed a new policy to increase the deterrence of the country's nuclear war." The report did not elaborate on specific steps to be taken.

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