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British Minister of Defense: China should answer questions about the new coronavirus epidemic

British Minister of Defense: China should answer questions about the new coronavirus epidemic

British Defense Minister Wallace said on Monday (May 4) that China should answer questions about the new coronavirus epidemic information it shared with other countries. In an interview with the BBC, Wallace declined to comment on a report by the US-led intelligence-sharing alliance accusing Beijing of concealing the epidemic.

The first outbreak of a new coronavirus from Wuhan, China, has now spread to countries around the world, causing serious loss of life and property. Many countries criticized the Communist Party of China for blocking information and misleading propaganda at the beginning of the epidemic, which led to the outbreak in China and ultimately to the world. In many countries, there has been a movement to claim compensation from China.

Critics believe that the CCP authorities have concealed the information on the epidemic from the beginning to the present; the CCP authorities have concealed the information of virus-to-human transmission at the beginning of the epidemic. The authorities have so far tried to conceal the basic information on how many deaths the epidemic caused in Wuhan and posted it to Chinese netizens The family pictures of the families of the deceased who received the ashes were vigorously deleted, and some netizens were punished for sharing such pictures.

When asked whether China should answer the question of whether it would inform countries around the world of its epidemic crisis in a timely manner, British Defense Secretary Wallace said, "I think it (China) wants to answer."

Earlier, the Australian "Telegraph" reported that the "Five Eyes Alliance" (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) composed of intelligence agencies of the five countries including the United States submitted a research report that the Chinese authorities intentionally suppressed or destroyed the epidemic. Information, leading to thousands of deaths.

When asked about the aforementioned report from the Five Eyes Alliance, Wallace refused to respond directly. He said, that Every day I get intelligence briefings collected by our agency from all over the world. I don't comment on individual briefings, I don't say what I saw, I didn't see anything. It's also wrong to say this.

The US intelligence community currently believes that the new coronavirus leaked from Wuhan. Earlier, when news of the virus leaking from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences came out, Shi Zhengli, the leading virus researcher of the institute, publicly stated that "I am using Shizhenli as a guarantee of my life" caused the virus and the laboratory It doesn't matter.

Shi Zhengli's statement did not make the rumors disappear, but caused more doubts. The question raised by many questioners is why, as a scientific researcher, Shi Zhengli chose not to speak with facts and evidence, but chose to use this swear to swear and not help clarify the facts to deal with the problem.

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