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From May 1st, Weibo and WeChat chat records can be used as court evidence

From May 1st, Weibo and WeChat chat records can be used as court evidence

The Supreme People ’s Court ’s decision to amend the “Several Provisions on Civil Litigation Evidence” will be officially implemented on May 1, and the WeChat and Weibo chat records will be used as evidence in litigation.

The Supreme People's Court website announced on December 26, 2019 that the Supreme People's Court's Decision on Amending <Several Provisions on Evidence in Civil Procedures> was adopted by the Supreme People's Court Judging Committee at the 1777th meeting on October 14, 2019, 2020 Effective May 1,

This decision added a Article 14 to the ,Several Provisions on Evidence of Civil Action, namely, Electronic data includes the following information and electronic files
 (1) Information published on web platforms such as webpages, blogs, and microblogs
 (2) Communication information of mobile phone text messages, emails, instant messaging, communication groups and other network application services
 (3) User registration information, identity authentication information, electronic transaction records, communication records, login logs and other information
4 Pictures, audio, video, digital certificates, computer programs and other electronic documents
(5) Other information that can be stored, processed, and transmitted in digital form that can prove the facts of the case. 

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