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Indian and Chinese troops clash over border dispute

Indian and Chinese troops clash over border dispute

The recent conflict between the Chinese People's Liberation Army and the Indian Army in Ladakh and Sikkim near the border has exacerbated tensions between these two Asian neighbors.

The Indian military said on Sunday that Indian soldiers faced a tense confrontation with the Chinese army at the northern border of Sikkim. The border issue between the two sides has not yet been delineated.

The Indian military said the confrontation lasted for a long time and both sides had "aggressive behavior and minor injuries". Before the Indian military issued a statement, the Hindustan Times reported on the confrontation involving dozens of Indian and Chinese soldiers last Saturday. The report also said that the confrontation between the two forces took place over 5,000 meters near the Nacula district.

In Ladakh, Indian and Chinese troops engaged in a “hand-to-hand combat” late Tuesday / early Wednesday, a person familiar with the situation said the scuffle took place on the Indian side of the Line of Control (LAC).

The last major confrontation between the two sides occurred in Donglang (Dukelan in India) in 2017, when the two armies confronted for 73 days.

According to a statement issued by the Indian military on Sunday, "the border will not be resolved, there will be a temporary, short-lived confrontation." It refers to the undefined border between China and India, which is regarded as the legacy of the war between the two countries in 1962.

The Sino-Indian border dispute covers the actual control line of up to 3488 kilometers. The two sides have held many talks, but have yet to achieve any results.

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