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New Ways to Lose Weight: Weight Loss,how to loose weight new ways

New Ways to Lose Weight: Weight Loss Weight Loss,how to loose weight new ways

Scientists at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden have discovered a new way to use weighted vests to reduce body weight and fat mass.

The researchers hypothesized that adding weight to the vest will cause a compensatory weight loss. There are 69 fat people participating in this clinical study, and their BMI (Body Mass Index) is between 30-35. This group of people needs to wear a heavy vest for 8 hours a day for three weeks, and otherwise live as usual.

By drawing lots, study participants were assigned to two groups. The treatment group wore a heavy vest weighing approximately 11 kg, while the control group only wore a light vest weighing 1 kg. After three weeks, the subjects wearing heavy vests lost 1.6 kg, while the subjects wearing light vests lost 0.3 kg.

Interestingly, the treatment of wearing a heavier vest reduced fat mass while keeping the muscle mass at the same time, said Professor Claes Ohlsson of the Sahlgrenska School of the University of Goteborg. From this brief experiment we discovered the effect on fat quality , Surpassing the effects usually observed after various forms of physical training, but we cannot determine whether the reduction is subcutaneous fat or the dangerous visceral fat (abdominal fat) that is most closely related to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. 

In previous animal studies published in 2018, scientists discovered an energy balance system that is struggling to maintain a constant weight, which they call the "gravitator" (gravitostat). In mice, this regulation is performed in part by affecting appetite. In order to work, the system must contain a weight scale. The latest clinical research shows that similar built-in weight scales exist in humans.

If people often sit for a long time, it may happen that the reading on the scale has dropped too little. This may explain why sedentary is so obviously associated with obesity and abnormal health. A weighted vest can increase the reading on the scale and cause weight loss.

Many questions about how the "gravity regulator" works still need to be studied. For example, among the wearers in weighted vests, whether changes in energy expenditure, appetite, and mobility can help them lose weight. Scientists also want to see if the weight loss effect of weight loss vest wearers will last more than three weeks, and whether dangerous visceral fat will be reduced by treatment.

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