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Pompeo arrived in Israel to visit, criticizing China for concealing information on the epidemic

Pompeo arrived in Israel to visit, criticizing China for concealing information on the epidemic

US Secretary of State Pompeo Wednesday (May 13) praised Israel ’s practice of sharing information with the United States during the pandemic prevention and control and criticized China ’s lack of transparency in this regard.

US President Trump and some of his senior officials have launched a heated debate with China on the source of the new crown virus. The United States accused Beijing of not being able to quickly report the danger of the virus and blocked the whistleblower's voice. Beijing firmly denies these accusations.

Pompeo praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he arrived in Israel to start his one-day visit. "You are a great partner. You share information, unlike some countries that always try to confuse and hide information."

Pompeo did not mention China's name, nor did he specify how Israel provided cooperation in the fight against epidemics.

Pompeo was interviewed by the Israeli media "Israel Today" before leaving. Pompeo said: "This is something we all know. The virus originated in Wuhan, China. The Communist Party of China knew about the virus in December 2019 and tried to create confusion."

The secretary of state said that They deprived people of the right to speak. They did not share information quickly. They created a huge risk to the world.

In addition to the issue of information sharing, the closer economic relations between Israel and China are also a concern of Pompeo's visit. Pompeo told the Israel Today newspaper: "We see that the economic relationship between Israel and China is strengthening," "We hope to exchange our views on the inherent risks."

In the past, the United States warned Israel to pay attention to the potential threat posed by Chinese investment in Israel. Netanyahu subsequently set up a committee in October last year to review Chinese investment projects.

This is Pompeo ’s first visit to Israel and a senior member of the Trump administration who made his first visit during the pandemic.

According to the "Capitol Hill" news, Pompeo also hopes that Netanyahu and Gantz will jointly promote President Trump's vision of achieving peace in the Middle East, which is the White House's proposal on the settlement of Israel and Palestine conflict plan.

In addition, Pompeo is expected to discuss with Israeli leaders how to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and strengthen US-Israeli cooperation in the fight against epidemics.

Pompeo will meet with Netanyahu's political opponent and cabinet alliance Benny Gantz later today. The two leaders plan to be sworn in as new government leaders on Thursday.

The population of Israel is 9 million. At present, 16,539 cases have been found, and the death toll is 262. The population of the United States is 328 million, with 1.4 million cases found and 83,000 deaths.

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