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President Trump demanded Tendersey's WHO reform within 30 days or terminate funding or withdraw

President Trump demanded Tendersey's WHO reform within 30 days or terminate funding or withdraw

US President Trump criticized the World Health Organization as a "puppet of China", saying "they gave us a lot of bad suggestions." Trump warned that the organization's leader Tandese must make a commitment within 30 days for substantive Reform, otherwise "will make the temporary freezing of US funds for WHO permanent."

Trump tweeted Monday this rigorous letter to the WHO Director General Tan Desai on Twitter. Trump made it clear that 
 I cannot continue to use the US taxpayer's money to fund an institution. As it currently looks, it has shown so clearly that it cannot serve the interests of the United States.
Once the United States permanently stops donating to WHO, the organization will suffer severe losses. In 2018 and 2019, the United States was WHO ’s largest donor country, providing it with approximately $ 900 million in funding, accounting for nearly 20% of the organization ’s total funding.

Trump also said that if WHO does not undergo substantial reforms, the United States will consider withdrawing from the organization.

The letter mentions more than a dozen examples of WHO's neglect of warning signs issued by the epidemic and praise for China.

Trump criticized WHO for praising China for restricting domestic travel, but later questioned the measures taken by the US government to restrict international flights. President Trump also pointed out in January that the WHO claimed that the virus will not be passed on from person to person.

Trump said that 
Obviously, you and your organization have made many mistakes in response to the virus pandemic, causing extremely significant losses to the world. If the WHO wants to move on, it must be in Demonstrated ability to be independent of China in action. 

Trump also said that with regard to this epidemic crisis, WHO still insists on approving China's own claim of  openness and transparency , which is intriguing. You keep echoing these beautiful words, but you don't know that China's only lack is publicity. Transparent.

China reported to the WHO for the first time that Wuhan discovered a group infection of atypical pneumonia on December 31. Prior to this, WHO had received such reports through its own infectious disease information system. However, there is evidence that the virus began to spread in Wuhan as early as mid-November.

The letter also criticized the organization's reluctance to share such important information with the world, possibly for political reasons.

As of Monday, more than 1.5 million people worldwide have been infected with the virus. More than 90,000 people in the United States have died from the virus, and more than 318,000 people worldwide have died in this pandemic. Although there is no cure for the virus, some vaccine tests are showing signs of hope.

Trump said that 
If the WHO does its due diligence and sends medical experts to China to objectively assess the local epidemic situation, pointing out the lack of transparency in China, the epidemic situation may be controlled at the source and not many people will die.

Trump said that 
My administration has started discussions with you on WHO reform issues. However, we need to act quickly. We have no time to waste.
Tan Desai said earlier on Monday that he would support independent parties to assess the global response to the outbreak. He said that 
I will promote an independent assessment as soon as possible, sum up experience and lessons, and propose to countries and the world in response to the pandemic.

Trump announced on April 14 that he would evaluate WHO's performance during the anti-epidemic period, and suspend donations to it until the results of the evaluation come out. Critics questioned the timing of the suspension of funding in the United States, because the agency is currently one of the few global organizations responsible for the fight against epidemics.

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