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Special trick to improve the virus filtering ability of homemade cloth masks

Special trick to improve the virus filtering ability of homemade cloth masks

Have you ever suspected that homemade cotton masks are really effective when there is a shortage of masks? Researchers have found a simple way to improve the filtering capabilities of homemade masks.

Two teaching assistants in civil and environmental engineering at Northeastern University found that cutting off a pair of nylon tights and putting them on the outside of the mask can improve the filtering effect of the mask and reach the virus filtering level of medical grade surgical masks. Loretta Fernandez, one of the researchers who conducted the study, explained that the nylon layer creates a tighter seal across the entire face, reducing the air and water droplets that can enter from the side.

The design and filtering ability of self-made masks are very different. After adding the nylon layer, the performance of self-made masks is improved by 15% to 50%. In some cases, the addition of a nylon layer allows the self-made mask to achieve the same performance as a 3M surgical mask, which can block 75% of particles, including coronavirus-sized particles; and if a nylon layer is placed on the 3M surgical mask, it can be Increase the filtration level to 90%-this is about to catch up with the N95 mask.

Since mid-April, the CDC recommends that all Americans wear masks in public places to prevent people with new crown infections from spreading the virus to healthy people. However, the filtering effect of the porous structure of the homemade cotton mask is not very good. After adding the nylon layer, self-made masks may also bring more benefits to the wearer.

If you see here you are also trying to improve the self-made mask. The easiest way is to buy large pantyhose, cut a 20 to 30 cm length from it, put on the mask and put it on your head, then slowly put it on Pull it onto the mask. The researchers recommend cleaning the mask and nylon layer after each use. As for how many times this nylon layer can be used repeatedly, more research is needed, at least on the premise that it is not deformed.

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