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The United States decided to withdraw from the ,Open Sky Treaty

The United States decided to withdraw from the Open Sky Treaty

The US government decided to withdraw from the "Open Sky Treaty" signed with Russia on the grounds that Russia has repeatedly violated the provisions of the treaty.

Media quoted senior government officials as saying that US President Trump has decided to withdraw from the Open Sky Treaty. The US plans to notify Russia of this decision on Friday.

"Open Skies Treaty" (Open Skies Treaty) is the former US President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Baker (James Baker) in 1992 after the collapse of the former Soviet Union negotiated and signed with Russia, a total of 34 countries signed the treaty. The treaty allows the aircraft of the signatory country to fly over the airspace of another country with advanced detection equipment to carry out reconnaissance, understand the other party's military operations, and reduce false positives.

U.S. government officials have complained in the past that Russia does not allow planes from the United States and other Western countries to fly over Russia ’s Kaliningrad, a city believed to be deploying nuclear weapons that can hit Europe. It also does not allow U.S. planes to cross the airspace of major Russian military exercises. US officials also pointed out that a Russian aircraft directly flew over the airspace of New Jersey in 2017, making President Trump angry. The U.S. defense and intelligence agencies also pointed out that Russian reconnaissance aircraft locate important U.S. infrastructure when flying over the continental United States for use in cyber attacks.

President Trump ’s special envoy on arms control, Marshall Billingslea, pointed out that “If Russia can violate the treaty with impunity, the United States cannot continue to comply with the treaty.

In addition to the United States and Russia, the signatories to the "Open Sky Treaty" include 27 EU member states. There are reports that these European countries may continue to abide by the treaty. Some European countries have recently hoped that the United States will not withdraw. The reason is that if the United States withdraws, Russia will definitely prohibit European countries from sending planes to fly over Russian airspace for reconnaissance. The latter is an important means of monitoring Russia ’s military deployment in the European border area.

It is reported that after the US government officially withdraws from the treaty, it needs to meet with Russia and other signatories of the treaty to discuss within 60 days.

The report also pointed out that the US plan to withdraw from the "Open Sky Treaty" shows that the Trump administration will not extend the "New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty" (New START) signed with Russia. President Trump has repeatedly stated in the past year that unless China joins, he will not extend the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty that expires next year. Some officials in charge of arms control in the Trump administration have been considering whether the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty can be temporarily extended for a few months or a year to allow time for China to participate in negotiations. But the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty only allows one-time extensions of five years.

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