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USCC (US-China Economic and Security Review Commission) report: Africa has become a Chinese model testing ground

USCC (US-China Economic and Security Review Commission) report: Africa has become a Chinese model testing ground

The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) appointed by the US Congress said on Friday that in recent years, China has increased its contacts with African countries and tried to export the Chinese model to the African continent.

The committee released a report entitled that Contact between China and Africa-A Basis for Alternative Governance Mechanisms. The study pointed out that the Chinese government has regarded African countries as a testing ground for exporting their political and economic governance concepts.
The report says that By training and reaching bent political parties, selling advanced digital surveillance technology and exerting media influence, China is committed to promoting its country-led economic process model under one-party authoritarianism to African countries.

Africa is rapidly becoming an arena where ideology and international governance models compete. By establishing strategic partnerships in major regions of Africa, China ’s participation has expanded to the entire African continent.

According to the report, Beijing gives priority to developing relations with the most populous, economically most dynamic and culturally influential countries in Africa in order to promote its interests on the African continent. China also maintains particularly close ties with countries with historical ideological origins, such as Angola, Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

According to the report, since the Chinese government strengthened its participation in African affairs after the global financial crisis of 2007-2008, the democratic trend on the African continent has reversed.

According to data from the NGO Liberty House, in 2008, 71% of sub-Saharan African countries were rated as free or partially free, and this proportion fell to 61% in 2019.

The report writes: "The more African countries accept China's governance model, the more they give up liberal norms and multi-party democracy, the easier it is for the Chinese government to gain African support for other geopolitical goals.

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