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Washington sanctions Chinese company Beijing demands lifting of sanctions

Washington sanctions Chinese company Beijing demands lifting of sanctions

China on Monday asked Washington to lift the ban on technology exports imposed on some Chinese companies. The United States announced the ban when the conflict between the two countries on the issue of technology, security and human rights continues to deteriorate.

On Monday (May 25), China ’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a record of the day ’s routine press conference showing that Agence France-Presse reporters questioned that the US Department of Commerce last Friday announced sanctions on related Chinese companies and institutions on the grounds that China violated human rights in Xinjiang. What is China's comment?

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian replied that The US side has included Chinese enterprises, institutions and individuals in the" entity list "(covered by the technology export ban), generalized the concept of national security, abused export control measures, and violated basic rules of international relations. Interfering in China's internal affairs and harming China's interests. China expresses strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition.

Zhao Lijian also said that Xinjiang affairs are purely China's internal affairs, and no country has the right to interfere.

At the same time, international media have widely reported that the Chinese Communist Party authorities implemented a high-pressure policy of comprehensive social monitoring and prison management in Xinjiang, which has caused many villages and towns to become ghost towns with disappeared people, making locals, especially ethnic minorities, dare not to be angry. Language. In mainland China, netizens ’comments on the Xinjiang issue will also be quickly blocked, and their accounts may be permanently banned.

In addition, the United Nations and international human rights organizations have accused the Chinese authorities of detaining at least 1 million Uighurs and other minority Muslims in "re-education camps" for brainwashing education. China calls these "re-education camps" "vocational training centers."

Among the latest round of sanctioned Chinese companies and units announced by the US Department of Commerce last Friday, they are the most engaged in the research and development and manufacture of artificial intelligence products, most of which are developed facial recognition technology.

In recent years, Chinese authorities have invested heavily in artificial intelligence such as facial recognition, voice recognition, and gait recognition, encouraging Chinese companies to conduct research and development in this area, and the first to implement facial recognition technology that violates privacy and controls society in Xinjiang. Practice, and then popularize and apply these technologies in other regions.

The US government stated that these practices of the CCP authorities not only violated the basic rights of the Chinese, but also exported these technologies to other countries, and also helped the authoritarian dictatorship to suppress its people, thereby posing a threat to the global human rights situation and security.

Citizens and scholars in China continue to criticize that the abuse of artificial intelligence technology by the authorities has severely violated or even destroyed the basic civil and human rights of the Chinese. However, the CCP ’s response to these criticisms is to block and ignore them.

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