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With the rise of global new pneumonia deaths, many countries have restarted some economic activities

With the rise of global new pneumonia deaths, many countries have restarted some economic activities

                          In Marietta, Georgia, USA, due to the relaxation of coronavirus (new coronavirus) restrictions

                 Although the outbreak of New Coronary Pneumonia has slowed down in some countries, the number of deaths and infections of New Coronary Pneumonia in the world is still rising. At the same time, some countries are considering when to reopen economic activities and communities. A few states in the United States have allowed some industries to reopen.

According to the latest statistics from Johns Hopkins University, as of 5:30 on April 26, the number of confirmed new pneumonia virus in the world is as high as 2,908,527, and the number of deaths is 203,332, but it is widely believed that this death toll is lower than the actual total.

Although the new coronavirus is still a great global threat, some countries have tried to consider resuming work and reopening communities to block the epidemic. The blockade restrictions have further hit the economy and the unemployment rate has risen seriously. In addition, the home restraint order also made many people feel mentally depressed, and many countries also showed demonstrations protesting the blockade order to resume work.

In Europe, Spain, France and Italy are all preparing to relax anti-epidemic restrictions earlier next month. But the UK still maintains the blockade restrictions. The number of new coronary pneumonia deaths in the UK has exceeded 20,000, which does not include the death tolls of nursing homes. Thousands of people in the British nursing home are believed to have died from the new coronavirus.

The office of British Prime Minister Johnson (Boris Johnson) issued a news Sunday (April 26) that Johnson will resume work on the 27th. Johnson, 55, was hospitalized for a week due to infection with the New Coronary Pneumonia virus. Britain ’s national blockade order will be enforced at least until May 7, and British opposition politicians have called on the government to make a clearer explanation when the blockade order will be lifted.

In Asia, India has approved the reopening of Neighbourhood stores this weekend, but they are all in areas where the epidemic has been hit slightly. Sri Lanka once lifted the blockade partially, but then implemented the blockade ban again until Monday.

Wuhan, China, where the New Corona virus is located, has been severely blocked for two and a half months, and all major construction projects, factory production and other economic activities have also resumed. Most of the new crown epidemic in China has slowed down. Only 11 newly confirmed cases were reported nationwide on Sunday, with no new deaths.

South Korea has recently relaxed some restrictions on social distance, and the epidemic has also been brought under control. The number of newly diagnosed cases in 9 days is less than 20. There were 931 new cases in Singapore. The Singapore government is trying to curb the spread of the epidemic caused by foreign workers living in dormitories.

In addition, several states in the United States have opened some commercial activities. But Dr. Anthony Fauci, an infectious disease expert in the United States, warned that many people need and want to return to normal life. This is understandable, he said: "But if you do not control the epidemic, you will never return to normalcy. We will definitely return to normal life, but we must do it correctly. "

A latest poll shows that the American people overwhelmingly support home restraint orders and other measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

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