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World Health Assembly convenes soon, China faces international independent investigation of virus source pressure

World Health Assembly convenes soon, China faces international independent investigation of virus source pressure

As the World Health Assembly, the decision-making body of the World Health Organization, will hold an annual video conference on Monday, Beijing is facing increasing pressure from the United States, Australia and European Union countries to conduct international investigations into the source of the new coronavirus pandemic. The EU will propose a resolution for an "independent review" of the new coronavirus pandemic at the World Health Assembly.

According to a report by the South China Morning Post in English in Hong Kong on Saturday, the dispute between Beijing and Washington over the source of the new coronavirus from Wuhan has become more prominent recently. The EU, which represents 27 member states, will propose a motion to initiate an independent investigation at the World Health Assembly, which has received support from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The Prime Minister of New Zealand stated that he took a very open and supportive attitude towards the investigation motion.

The report said that it is unclear how many UN member states will support the motion, but Australia has been very active in lobbying other countries, including Israel and Singapore.

Australia ’s request for an international investigation into the source of the new coronavirus has recently angered Beijing. China imposes an 80% tariff on imports of Australian barley, and restricts four major Australian beef exporters from exporting beef to China, which accounts for about 35% of Australia's beef exports to China.

The report also stated that Beijing continued to attack the motives of the countries concerned to call for the investigation of the source of the new coronavirus. When China tried to avoid damage to its image, it worried about the timing and scope of the potential investigation.

The report said that the international community widely criticized China for initially concealing the epidemic in Wuhan, and adopted a belligerent attitude to try to reshape the rhetoric about the epidemic. China is concerned that international independent investigations will further damage China's international image.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it would support the review at an "appropriate time", but attacking the United States and other countries to investigate the source of the virus is to politicize the crisis and presume guilt.

At the same time, the World Health Organization stated that it had discussed with China and sent a team to investigate the possible origin of the new coronavirus from animals. However, the WHO ’s claims cannot alleviate global concerns because the WHO itself has been criticized for being too obedient to Beijing, and such an investigation team may exclude medical experts in the United States and two virus laboratories that are prohibited from contacting Wuhan. The United States has always indicated that these two laboratories may be the source of the new coronavirus.

The report said that some experts analyzed that the ambiguity created at the current stage of the source of the new coronavirus is in Beijing ’s interest, because the source of the new coronavirus is determined to be evidence from China, which will be a public relations disaster for China and it will break China ’s attempts. The source of the virus that is created does not necessarily come from Chinese rhetoric.

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