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China and India agree to handle border disputes peacefully

China and India agree to handle border disputes peacefully

China and India held a diplomatic dialogue on the increasingly tense border conflict, and the two sides agreed to settle border disputes through peaceful negotiations.

Indian media reported that Naveen Srivastava, an official of the East Asia Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India, held a video conference on June 5 with Wu Jianghao, director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, on the border conflict between the two countries. The two sides reviewed the consensus reached by Indian Prime Minister Modi and Chinese national leader Xi Jinping, and emphasized that the development of a peaceful and balanced relationship between India and China will be a positive factor for global stability.

The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs subsequently issued a statement saying that The two sides reviewed the status of bilateral relations, including the current situation, and agreed that they should deal with their differences through peaceful consultations in accordance with the instructions of the leaders of the (two countries). During this period, both parties should consider respecting Mutual sensitivity, concern and desire, the importance of not turning them into disputes.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that Wu Jianghao, director of the Asian Department of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the joint secretary of the East Asian Division of the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Shi Naien, held a video conference on the 5th. The two sides agreed that under the leadership of the leaders of the two countries, they should implement the concept that the two countries do not constitute a threat to each other, each other is an opportunity for development, and do not allow differences to rise into disputes, enhance strategic mutual trust, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, and properly manage and control Disagreement.

Indian media said that before the talks, conflicts between Indian and Chinese border guards broke out near Bangong Lake in the Ladakh area on the line of actual control between the two sides, and near the Naku La Pass in Sikkim . China then sent military helicopters to the eastern part of Ladakh, and the Indian Air Force took off Su-30 fighters to fly over the area.

Indian media said that the two countries' military plans to hold border talks. Lieutenant General Harinder Singh, commander of the 14th Army of India, plans to hold talks with Major General Liu Lin, commander of the South Xinjiang Military Region in Ladakh on June 6. The report said, that Although the two sides have held nearly ten rounds of negotiations, they have not achieved a breakthrough.

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