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EU Chief Diplomat: EU should adopt "stronger strategy" against China

EU Chief Diplomat: EU should adopt "stronger strategy" against China

Josep Borrell, the EU ’s chief diplomat, urged the EU to adopt a “stronger strategy” against China. He emphasized that EU countries should follow their own interests and values   and avoid being used as tools by either side of the United States or China.

Borelli made a video speech from Brussels to this meeting in Berlin on Monday (May 25) at the invitation of the German ambassador meeting. Germany is about to assume the rotating presidency of the European Union in July this year and will serve as the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council in July this year.

Borelli said that the EU needs to adopt a stronger policy towards China, but also need to maintain better relations with other Asian democracies. The reason for the investment. "

Borelli also talked about the changes that the world is currently experiencing. He believes that the world is in a state of headless dragons. In terms of economy, safety and technology, Asia will become increasingly important. He said that analysts have long talked about the end of the US-led system and the coming of the Asian century. He said: "These are appearing before our eyes."

Borelli believes that the new crown epidemic can be seen as a turning point for power from the West to the East. Borelli said that although China's rise is remarkable, the relationship between the EU and Beijing has not always been built on trust, transparency and mutual benefit On the basis of.

Borelli believes that the demand for multilateral cooperation is now greater than ever, and in his words it is "in short supply." He said that this is the first major crisis in the United States that has not led the international response in decades.

In view of the growing hostility between the United States and China, the pressure to choose a side between the two is increasing. Borelli said, "As the EU, we should follow our own interests and values   and avoid being used as tools by either US or China."

Borelli also said that the confrontation between the United States and China also has a major and usually paralysing effect on the multilateral system. Within the UN Security Council, the Group of 20 (G20) and WHO, differences and vetoes have increased and consensus has decreased.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas also echoed Borelli's statement. Mas called on China to increase transparency on Monday. Earlier this month, Maas also urged China to cooperate with the world to investigate the source of the new coronavirus. He hopes that China can prove what kind of transparency China can achieve on this virus.

For the "Hong Kong version of the National Security Law" to be reviewed by the Chinese People's Congress, Borelli also responded on the 23rd. He said in a statement that Hong Kong should maintain a high degree of autonomy. He believes that it is the best way to implement laws related to national security by debating democratically and consulting relevant parties in accordance with the Basic Law of Hong Kong. He emphasized that the EU is closely following developments.

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