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Iranian Natanz nuclear facility fire caused major losses

Iranian Natanz nuclear facility fire caused major losses

An Iranian nuclear official said Sunday that the fire at the Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility on Thursday has caused severe damage and may slow the development of advanced centrifuges.

Iran’s highest security agency said Friday that the causes of the Natanz incident and the fire have been determined and will be announced later. Some Iranian officials said that this may be caused by cyber damage, and one of the officials warned that Tehran would retaliate against any country that carried out such attacks.

The Iranian National News Agency IRNA quoted the spokesman of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization Kamalwandi as saying, This incident may delay the development and production of advanced centrifuges in the medium term... Iran will be replaced by a larger, more advanced building. Damaged building.

The incident caused significant losses, but no casualties.

Three Iranian officials who spoke on condition of anonymity told Reuters on Friday that they believed the fire was the result of a cyber attack, but did not invoke any evidence.

On Thursday, an article by the Iranian National News Agency IRNA talked about what it called the possibility of destruction by enemies such as Israel and the United States, although it did not directly blame either party.

The Israeli Defense Minister said on Sunday that Israel may not necessarily be the behind-the-scenes implementer of all mysterious events in Iran.

The Natanz Fuel Enrichment Plant (FEP) is Iran’s main uranium enrichment site, most of which is located underground. It is one of the Iranian facilities monitored by the inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of the United Nations Nuclear Supervision Agency.

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