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Pompeo: U.S. expresses deep concern over Turkish actions

 Pompeo: U.S. expresses deep concern over Turkish actions

US Secretary of State Pompeo stated that the United States is deeply concerned about Turkey's recent actions in the Eastern Mediterranean. He urged Cyprus, Greece and Turkey to resolve the crisis of regional natural resource development through diplomatic channels.

US Secretary of State Pompeo arrived in Cyprus from Qatar on Saturday evening and met with the President of Cyprus, Anastasiades.

Commenting on the current resource development crisis in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey, Pompeo pointed out that We continue to express our deep concern about the actions currently undertaken by Turkey. The Republic of Cyprus has the right to develop the natural resources found in its exclusive economic zone, including development Rights to the discovered hydrocarbons.

Pompeo emphasized that regional countries need to peacefully resolve disputes including security, energy resources, and maritime issues through diplomatic means.Rising military tensions will not help anyone, but will only help hope to see the transatlantic Unite the divided enemies.

Pompeo also expressed concern to President Anastasiades on the issue of Russian money laundering and the Russian navy’s frequent visits to Cyprus ports. He said that We know that all the Russian warships staying in the ports of Cyprus did not participate in humanitarian relief operations in Syria. We ask the Presidents of Cyprus and Cyprus to consider our concerns.

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