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Psychological Study reveal that Phone makes us feel better than text communication

Psychological Study reveal that Phone makes us feel better than text communication

Making a call is perhaps the least used basic function of modern mobile phones.

After months of social isolation, people rely heavily on modern technology to get social connections. But a study by the University of Texas at Austin showed that people are more likely to have the sense of connection they desire when they are on the phone than textual communication.

In the study, people chose to type because they believed it would be awkward to make a phone call, but they were wrong , said Amit Kumar, assistant professor of marketing at the McCorms School of Business.

Amit Kumar said that People communicate through voice-based media and feel more connected, but their fear of embarrassment is pushing them to text-based media.

The research has been published in advance in the online edition of the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

In the experiment, the researchers asked 200 volunteers to predict their personal feelings when they re-established contact with their old friends via email or phone, and they randomly assigned them to do the actual operation. Even though the participants said that the call would make them feel better, they still wanted to send an email via email because it would be awkward to call.

Researchers found that phone calls are much better than email.

Amit Kumar said that When it comes to actual experience, people report that phone conversations really make them feel closer to their old friends, and they are not as embarrassed as they thought before.

In another experiment, the researchers randomly assigned strangers to send text messages/video chat/talk only using audio in real-time chat. Participants had to ask and answer a series of personal questions, such as: What is your dream? or How long ago was the last time you cried in front of others?

Participants did not want to communicate with strangers through non-textual means, and they also predicted that they would be very embarrassed.

But the researchers found that when they actually interact, when people communicate by talking instead of typing, they feel significantly better. Moreover, they again found that hearing the voice call itself was not so embarrassing.

Another well-known modern myth is that the method of telephone communication is too inefficient. In this regard, the researchers again arranged for participants to reconnect with their old friends. They found that the phone time was the same as the time spent reading and responding to electronic texts.

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